October 25, 2010

There is no proof the rote facts we push on children in elementary school make them smarter or give them advantage in life.  Elementary school, as its currently taught, is a colossal insignificance.  What makes children smarter?  We don't know.  Some theories say intelligence is genetic, some say environmental.  I say (with a nod to Dumbledore) that love makes children smarter.  Love, good food, and access to the world.


Katherine said...

The full lecture is here:

Heather said...

Oh my gosh. We are getting our children through this system of education by anaesthetizing them. We shouldn't be putting them to sleep, we should be waking them up. Beautiful.

val said...

Yeah, well, it's love. That's all there really is. It's what makes everything go. Love.

Love doesn't always exist in easy forms. Aggravation and arguments are part of love. So is conflict and discussion.

But where there's love, life is buoyant. It turns right, and we keep sailing because the honesty inherent in really loving is such a sustaining force we can trust it.

love, Val

val said...

That all there really is, is not my quote. That's from a famous poet and she's so right. love, Val