October 14, 2010

 Breakfast on a raining morning in October.   It must be the month of yellow blurry images.
Chickens stand under the fig tree in the rain.  The hound dog shivers, doesn't like to be cold.  Riley works with hot glue on her Cat Goddess mask.  Late season basil wilts on the kitchen counter.  Of all the things planted this year, my two favorite are tiny, unseen, easy to miss: chocolate mint and some hybrid thyme that smells like heaven.  There isn't any other way to describe it.  And usually I don't much like thyme.  Henry has been up since before dawn.  We chatted in the dark, listened to the storm, wondered why storms seem to roll.  The planet rolls. By now he is sequestered with Super Scribblenauts.  In that world chickens can stand anywhere. 


Cecelia (CC) said...

Look up Coriolis effect re the rolling. Has a part in it, I think.

Shoot! Forgot to come get greens. Durn! Still got some??

And what are you doing with all your basil? I do not have a chopper. I was thinking of drying mine. Have some hanging about the kitchen.

Katherine said...

Thanks CC, we'll look that up. The garden was so dense and (admitting in embarrassment) under harvested that when those hard rains came it started molding. Wow, you should have seen the aphids! I cut it back dramatically. I think we'll have greens through the winter but right now, its sparse.

Another sin to admit: I love to garden because I can create abundance which I feel no shame in wasting. Gosh, that's horrible. But there it is. Something to work on. I harvested basil seeds and threw the 1/2 dry leaves and stems in the compost. Nothings really wasted on a farm. But I did not get tons of pesto put by for winter. Dried basil doesn't interest me much.

Katherine said...

Ashy has called me a "murderer of vegetables". I can't really deny it. But if I must neurotically hoard something, let it be free garden produce which feeds wildlife, my compost, and is soooo satisfying to give away.