August 21, 2010

A meditation on enough, plenty, and pleasure:  My Favorite Things

I've mentioned this was not our best summer garden.  Two weeks ago it was all turned under in preparation for fall.  This plot is new, acidic, and mostly clay.  It will take several years to bring what farmers call the brio back to the earth.  But we turned it and made plans to replant for fall.   Then I got busy with other things and the window for fall planting started to constrict.  The garden was turned, but shovel turned and still heavy with clay clumps.  Working rows was going to take some serious effort.  And I've been short of the will for serious physical effort.   Distracted, really.

So.  I dumped all our seeds for this fall:  three kinds of kale, chard, collards, turnips, cabbage, and radishes together into one bowl.   Then I went out to the garden and broadcast all the seed by hand straight onto the earth.  I didn't rake. I didn't even bend over.  We've had a week of delightfully soft rain, off and on.  I just checked the garden.  The whole thing is covered in delicate baby green sprouts.  Its working!

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