April 1, 2010

This week the children wrote a country music song.  I'm trying to get flippage of them singing it.  Stay tuned for that.  Country music, no less.  I'm so pleased with them.  But of course, the lyrics were inspired in the barn. 

Right now both children are reading quietly.  After lunch we'll spend many hours running in a local park with the homeschool group.  Spring and Fall are high season for homeschool - unlimited time outside.  What could better instruct?  No antsy chair squirming, just free running and laughing, tumbling and scraping .  Nothing between you and summer but mild weather and time.

I think I quote Sue Hubble here every spring.  Let's not break tradition:
The violets bloom along the dirt roads I drive down to get to my beeyards, and in one yard a special violet, the Johnny Jump Up, which looks like a little pansy, has taken over.  I had fenced off these beehives, so that the cows cannot graze near the hives, and the Johnny Jump Ups have pushed out the pasture grasses and surrounded the hives with blossoms, blue and purple with yellow and white centers. 

We went to a potluck last night to celebrate the birthday of an 18 year old unschooler.  Never having taken a single class in her life, she stepped onto her first campus last year.  I don't think she's made less than an A yet and plans to go to law school.   "Academic Vitality," that's what Stanford calls it.  And you getting it by spending your childhood running free in the wild world.  I think so, anyway.  It sure has worked for this beautiful young woman. 

We took deviled eggs to her party with a single Johnny Jump Up flower in the top of each one.  Eggs and flowers out of the backyard. 


Cecelia (CC) said...

We walked up to the group, Rufus holding two dozen eggs in his hands, brown and green, and in less than five minutes, a Mom asked him, "how much?" He had set the price $3.00 a dozen, $5 for two dozen. Done. Sold.
I could have kissed her. Instead I smiled softly and sat down next to her and we talked about birds while he ran off to join the others, his hands now free. It was perfect.

Katherine said...

That makes me happy. :o)