February 7, 2010

One of the Fairy Circle Moms has started something really cool for the kids in her community.  Its called Kid Market.  The children take their wares and set up tables in the pasture behind her house.  They sell and barter, make money and hone their street skills.  The last one was so hugely successful Keri is going to run it monthly.  Riley may needle felt herself down to a nub in preparation.  She's thinking a dollar for a chicken and fifty cents for a chick.  There may be rabbits as well.   We stood in Walmart (guilty shudder) haggling over wool prices.  She is going to knit one scarf that she loves, in a soft blue she's picked out for herself.  There will be nine dollars in the wool.  I've fronted her the money.  She's going to try and sell it for fifteen dollars.  If it sells, she will repay me the nine and take six home.  If not, she gets to keep it.  This will be a great lesson in exploring what the market will bear.  Henry is selling baked goods.  I'm thinking he should also design a line of D&D cards.  We could print and laminate.  But I'll have to see what he thinks of the idea.   I mean, brownies go over really well.  Hard to argue that choice. 

Another Fairy Mama is pushing her son to sell coffee for the Moms.  Which is brilliant.   The whole thing is brilliant.  I love Fairy Mamas.  They all rock the hard core Mother Rock of Love.

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