February 3, 2010

I am a seventh grader at xxxxx Middle School. This morning, Jan. 21, our bus driver almost ran over a dog; it was no accident, though.
What appeared to be a chihuahua, wearing a collar, ran toward the bus and tried to board with the children next to a busy highway. Instead of taking the dog to a safe grassy area, the bus driver pushed the dog away so he could close the doors of the bus, and then the dog ran under the bus.
Almost all the children started screaming, and one brave kid ran up to our driver to try and stop him from going forward. As I've seen in many bus safety videos, if an item rolls under the bus, the kids are supposed to tell the bus driver what happened and then he or she will go and get what is under the bus. We told our driver that the dog was under the bus, but he ignored us and drove off.
After much concern for the dog, I found out that the bus had run over the dog's tail and its back right leg, which had to be amputated. The dog was left lying on the highway, which we all saw as the bus drove away. I think the community owes a debt of gratitude to the kind lady who was behind the bus when this took place. She stopped to rescue this dog from a sure painful death on the highway. I hope that somehow funds can be raised to help with the vet bills that are surely mounting.
Overall, I'm informing you all to be more cautious while driving, particularly our school bus drivers, so that this horrible situation won't happen again.   ~Daniel Stratton
Now, I know every bushel might have a bad apple.  And I know you can't judge any system by one event.  But may I just say, I think the school system is brutal and bad for children.  And, furthermore, the children who do well in the system show up that way.  They do well despite the system.   Such as this kid with the courage to write a letter to our local news paper.  Will anyone respond to the letter?   Surely the kid's parents are responsive.  Will the Principle get on this?  Will the bus driver be fired?  Will the driver write a letter to the children on the bus or pay the dog's vet bill?  Will administration cover this for the school, the way a parent might for a child?  Highly doubtful, eh?   What will be the real lessons for the children?  
1)  It doesn't really matter.
2) Grow up.
3) Life is hard, get over it.
4) Animals have no place in society.
5) Adults are too busy to be bothered with such details.
6) When you look back on your career in Jr. High, this will likely be one of the most memorable events.  Wow, school sure does have a lot to teach you.
7) If you implore an adult to be careful or to STOP, you will likely not be heard.
8) Some pigs are more equal than others.
9) We must rush toward school, no matter what, because what happens there is very very very very important.  For instance, after we ran over that little dog we went on to class and learned, um, well, I can't remember what, exactly.  But I'm sure it was crucial information about life.  


Anonymous said...

How traumatic for these children. What an ass...of a bus driver. Thank you for sharing this. (As hard as it was to read.) This is education. Your site is education. xo

Ami said...

Oh. My. God.

This is horrible. And so very sad. I hate what it says about our society.

Do you ever wonder if the effort you put forth to grow your children into decent, caring, compassionate adults will make them less able to deal?

I know that doesn't make sense, trying to phrase stuff with a migraine.

I have worked really hard to give my children the gifts of compassion and caring. I just wonder if the world will treat them badly because of that.

Katherine said...

Debbie, thanks again. And Ami, I'm going to answer that good question in tomorrow's post. :o)

Anonymous said...

Wow...just wow. And your assessment is SPOT on, Katherine.



Cecelia (CC) said...

Ditto to ami's question.

And you said it...boy, does this say it all. God.

Again I tell you, keep speaking your truth. Time will tell.

Cecelia (CC) said...

that child also learned that righteous indignation cannot be safely exercised in this society.

M J said...

I am a retired teacher and I am appalled at reading this awful event that happened to you while on the bus. I hope it gets reported and that there is a consequence for that bus driver. No one has the right to run over a helpless animal and that was someone's pet! School bus drivers do have schedules to keep, but not at the expense of killing a helpless animal. I vote, "Tell the principal, then, if that doesn't help, go on up to the school board."

M J said...

MJ again:

"Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened."

Jessica said...

This tells you something about the world we are living in, but it's not all bad news: though the old generation (the bus driver, the school system) is generally callous, the new generation (this child) is not. Things will get better, if we have the wisdom to listen to the children.