December 21, 2009

In the New York Times this morning:  Studying Young Minds And How To Teach Them

You know how I keep saying that one day science will catch up to unschooling theory?  It is already happening.  What is unclear from this article, is if the researchers understand their new inventive curricula mimics what children living in a rich environment at home and given time to play, will naturally do on their own.   But never mind nit picking pesky details.  Its thrilling to imagine education theory finally heaving to a better way. It is equally thrilling to see, right in print for the world to read, that previous education theory is not based on science.  COULD THAT BE TRUE?  Oh my, do tell!

"The teaching of basic academic skills, until now largely the realm of tradition and guesswork, is giving way to approaches based on cognitive science."  Causing me to ask, once again, what has that big ugly industry been doing to all those poor little children?  Is still doing today, actually...

Hyun Ji went home over the weekend chattering in English, a very noticeable change from the beginning of last week, for the Koren family here and his parents.  Apparently, living and playing with kids in English turns out to be a great way to learn.   Now they hear it.  This is nice for everyone.  We can all relax, which of course, will only strengthen the learning.


val said...

So sweet, knitting. I totally agree with you on this--I think elementary school is nothing but free daycare and most kids would be better off not there.

A structured setting seems to work for some teens and college... and yet how much better could both of those institutions work too with a different format.

Thanks for the link to this article. love, V

Anonymous said...

DAng...there goes my delayed math theory...I think...looking forward to reading the whole article.