October 3, 2009

Okay, well, things changed pretty fast here in a day.

Yes, Raspberry lost the baby.  Thank you, all of y'all, for the love and hugs.  It was blow.  But I have it in perspective.  Miscarriage is common.  The next time Raspberry conceives she will be older.  That is to her benefit and alright with me.

My partner was not so blase.  She quit.  So, now its me and the farmer.  Another loss, yet all for the best.

Yesterday we put another heifer in the dairy program.  She is five and a half months old and the longest legged Dexter I have ever seen.  She is GORGEOUS.  If she wasn't so covered in the most ghoulish amount of blood all over her sweet sweet sweet face, I would post a picture.  Why the blood?  Remember that vet I was worried about?   (Yeah, trust your instincts children.  Always trust your instincts.)   I would not say she botched the dehorning of this little calf.  The horns are off.  But neither can I say that she did a good job.  Let's just leave it at that.  When Sweet Baby is all cleaned up, I will post pictures.  Lots and lots and lots of pictures.

Yesterday I found out I lost a baby.  But I also gained a baby.  And I sense my life has taken a turn.  Its been a long slow swinging arc of a turn, and joyous, but the destination only came clear for me yesterday.  I am in the business of raising Family Milk Cows.   I have a partner.  I have two calves.  I have huge love.  I have a supportive family.  And I am not feeling loss so much today.  Today I am feeling a bit shocked.  And a joyous clarity of purpose.  And that is a nice feeling.

We went to the rodeo last night.  My daughter bought a real cowgirl hat.  It fits perfectly. 

And today at Fairy Circle I held a tiny new born who slept on my chest for more than an hour.   I held him safely and tenderly and listened from the hammock in the shade where we, oh so gently, rocked and rocked and rocked while the Fairy Mamas chatted and worked together and the girls played around us.


MOM #1 said...

Awesome perspective. Don't you love newborns? Can't wait to see photos of your new baby.

rae said...

Sending love, my dear, and enjoying your peaceful sounds.

Now....I'll be needing to see a photo of that darling cowgirl!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, perfection. I love that. -V

Sarah said...

So sorry about Raspberry's baby.

Your daughter sounds darling.