October 22, 2009

I wrote Henry a letter this morning.  And I'm going to post an excerpt here.  For those of us homeschooling parents who are studying how this can all work.  Forgive me.  I'm too lazy to reformat the words into a neutral essay.   And I need a shower.   And the floor needs to get vacuumed.  And other kids are coming over to play today.  So here's the gist of how this has been working for Henry, anyhow:

This morning as Daddy and I sat drinking coffee I noticed your "Monster Manual" notebook on the table.  I hope its okay, Daddy and I opened it and read it.  And we were really impressed with all the work you have done.   Your work is not only creative.  It is methodical, clear, well organized, and obviously done with love.   Darling, you are truly learning how to learn.  You are doing real research, keeping careful notes, and thinking deeply.  I just want you to know that this is a foundation of learning.  And it won't change as you age. 

One of the most important lessons I want you and Ry to learn here in our homeschool is how to learn.  Clearly, you are both getting it.  And well ahead of your peers, I might add. I don't mention being ahead for reasons of vanity or competition.  I mention it because I have noticed that many homeschooled teenagers worry over how they might compare with their peers in school.  They worry they have not learned enough.  They worry they are behind.  I don't believe you ever need worry about this.   I did not understand the main point of school was to learn how to learn, until I was in college.  You are figuring it out for yourself in elementary school. 

For many kids, a stack of reference books, a notebook, sticky notes, and a pencil represent drudgery.  But for you, that set of tools represents a way to organize and keep track of your thoughts, your questions, your ideas, and what the world has already noticed on any topic that might capture your attention.   With these tools, you can learn anything.  And learning, as you may have noticed, is nothing but an appetite for life. 


ProfessorMom said...

Hi Katherine,

Your Letter to Henry post inspired me:-) I started a contest on my blog for moms to write their own letter to their children. I lonked back to you, so they can read your beautiful letter.
Here is the URL: http://professormom.typepad.com/my_weblog/2009/10/letters-to-your-kids-professor-moms-free-book-challenge.html.html

BTW - Your quotes are terrific!
Have a great day, Heather

ProfessorMom said...

I also mispelled 'linked' ;-)