October 27, 2009

I said, "Wow Ry that is really heavy.  I can't believe you can carry that."
She said, "Well, I just told myself that I'm a cowgirl, not a school girl."

All fine and well for Ry.  For myself, I no longer love cows.  I don't even want a cow.  I'm not sure I even want a goat.  What Was I Thinking?

Maybe it will be better tomorrow.  Maybe I can milk her tomorrow.  Maybe I will like her tomorrow.  Tonight, I don't think we like each other at all.   She kicked and pooped and knocked the bucket over.   She made it clear she did not want me to milk.  I didn't cave in.  I kept milking.  But it sucked.  Ry said, "Well Mom, if you are frustrated just think how she is feeling."

I'm thinking Ry is the real cowgirl around here.


Hillary Mac said...

The first days are the hardest days... Hang in there, sister. xo

Cecelia (CC) said...


A friend told me, "When life is good, say, 'This too shall pass', so when life is not good, you can say, 'This too shall pass' and know that you've heard that before somewhere and you were smiling.

I love you.

Katherine said...

Thank you, you two. I love you both, too.