October 29, 2009

The children decided they will need to milk the goat since I will be busy milking the cow.  This decision was made without my input.  And I am delighted. 

So they did.  They milked that goat.  They did a great job.  They really really did it.  They took turns because they figured out it is much easier to milk two handed.  I looked up and Henry was sitting by the stanchion with both hands working and milk was streaming into the pail.  This is the boy who loves goats.  And maybe I was a bit too controlling about the milking.  Because they really can do it.  And do it right.  

There are so many things to learn.  I am so grateful for our life.  Even though I'm still unsure about milking cows.  But I'm coming around.  I've been practicing in my dreams.  Just yesterday I was explaining to the children that thinking about how to do something and going over it in your mind is an important part of learning.  Thinking about practicing does make you better, is a form of practice.  Which is so cool.  Henry asked if it would work with typing.  I said, of course.  He said, "Saweeeeet." 

Miss Six has been renamed Elderberry.   This is good.  She is elder.  There is respect due.  Keep it in mind.

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rae said...

Oops. I think I called her a bitch cow. You know what happens when I get all cranked up. :0) No disrespect meant to Elderberry.