September 11, 2009

Jackson "the chicken was like that when I found it" Johnson


MOM #1 said...

He's too cute to get upset with.

Jackson, leave those chickens alone!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jackson, you are cute...but you are a BAD DOG! And resist the temptation would've been denying your instincts. And knowing my relationship with chocolate? I can SO relate, Jackson...I can SO relate.


Sarah said...

Oh dear. lol

We just had two newly-adult cats decide that seven months of living around chickens peaceably was enough. Though none of the other barn cats have bothered the chickens, these neutered males started killing - while we were away on vacation - one chicken a day. When we came home, we re-homed them to a nearby dairy that is being overrun with voles and pigeons.

Katherine said...

CATS WHO ATTACK CHICKENS? Those are some serious cats! Wow. I almost have to root for a cat who can bring down a chicken. I'm impressed. Good thing you could rehome them.