August 10, 2009

Yesterday I stripped the summer garden. Important lessons were learned this past season. Green beans and tomatoes were harvested, along with an obscene amount of basil. Five pumpkins are curing on the dining room hutch and I have gorgeous beet stained pickles put up from our cucumbers.

I've prepared new beds - french dug this time. Today the kids and I are planting broccoli - spaced 18 inches apart, planted deeper that they sit in their pots. And Garlic, six inches apart and two inches deep. Next week we'll plant collards, kale, spinach, and radishes from seed. After frost we'll transplant two more blueberries and replace the one rose we lost.

I learned this morning that seventy five percent of the garlic eaten in the United States comes from China.


MOM #1 said...

Sounds lovely. We need to get started on our fall/winter garden too, but we're waiting for a little bit of this summer to move on through. Happy planting!

Sara said...

Really? About the garlic, I mean. It grows so easily - why not grow it here? I've just harvested my garlic, and I have it hanging from my kitchen ceiling. In October I will plant it again.

Anonymous said...

You have such a great growing season, you lucky girl, and you make the most of it. It sounds lovely. love, V