April 7, 2009

The sugar snaps are coming up in our garden!
The big girls love their new coop.
They hang tight, stay warm together.
More chicks just hatched.
Fluffy chicks get moved to the brooder.


Mommylion said...


Katherine said...

Okay, out of 17 eggs we have 13 chicks. The last one out, the one I helped, has a birth defect. Looks like a chicken form of spina bifida. I haven't told the children yet. I'm waiting to see how it does. (ie, I'm waiting for Joe to get home and help me decide what to do. ie, I'm waiting for Joe to put it out of its misery.) And four eggs are silent. I don't think they were fertile, to begin with. All in all, we've done pretty well. The books say to expect an 80% hatch rate. We're not too far off.

rae said...

Wow - so much new life at your house. Spring!!! I want Spring - NOW!

Annie said...

I'm just smiling at this post.

MOM #1 said...

So cute. So very very cute!