March 20, 2009

I've contacted The Augustine Project for help in finding a reading tutor for Ry. It is remarkably difficult to locate good tutors, if they are not being funneled through a school system. Ry reads. But she struggles with it. We had her eyes checked last week and she does need glasses. So, the glasses may help, though she claims they make no difference. I suspect she's dyslexic. I really do. Ry's vocabulary, hand eye coordination, mental organisation, and creative problem solving are superb. But she hates reading. Really, loathes it. Its not a problem of attention. That child can sit for hours, quietly working with her hands creatively and listening to books on tape. No, I think we need to approach this whole idea of reading from a new perspective.

So, fresh horses are on the way.


Anonymous said...
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Katherine said...

Please feel welcome and free to comment here. You will, however, be required to publish your name. Having the courage and fortitude to own your honest and sincere opinion is a requirement for participation at Our Report Card.

Sincerely, The Director

rae said...

What a cool organization. I hope this is a valuable journey for Ry - the possibilities many things. LOVE IT!

Regularmom said...

Keep us posted on Ry. It's good she's got a Cowgirl on her side.

And whoever that fool was who messed around with comments - to hell with 'em.

Regularmom said...

Actually - she's got ALL the Cowgirls on her side, now that I think about it.

Go Ry. You go, girl.

Katherine said...


Cecelia (CC) said...

Ain't it fun to be The Director?

he he he

enjoy these years gal, they're yours.

Cecelia (CC) said...

Linda McDonough
Project founder; tutor, trainer, CHF parishioner

Great lady - her kid came to my camps. She's all heart.