March 15, 2009

Ok, fine. I lost my temper and my cool. That happens more than I care to admit. I see, this case is individual and (should be) private. However, it is worth some discussion. Because these children are thriving. Again, note, every party involved agrees that the children are thriving. Why, then, go after homeschool? On what grounds? I'll tell you exactly what grounds. On the grounds of myth, misunderstanding, and prejudice. Imagine if these children were public schooled and thriving. Would the judge turn to any parent and challenge their education? No, it wouldn't even be on the table. Simply because public schooling is considered normal. However, many children could be much better served if a judge turned to a parent and said, "It is in the best interest of these children, that you leave work, go home, and homeschool them." When that is as common as the reverse, we can stop talking about these cases.


Mommylion said...

Divorce is so hard for kids. It changes everything they've ever known about life and even vilifies things they thought were sacred. Often it isn't in a courts power to make the transition easy for the kids, just as fair as possible based on the way the view the law.

It is possible the judge felt the kids would be less pulled between the parents if they had an impartial third place to be, school. I don't know the details of this particular case, but I do know that no one ever gets what they want out of a divorce. Especially the kids. Just sad stuff, and too bad they had to go through it in the media's eye.

Anonymous said...

At a group activity the kids were told to go around the table and say what school they went to. My child said she was homeschooled.

The leader asked if she liked that or would rather go to public school. She was caught off guard and said she didn't know. She liked homeschool. She didn't know.

But did this stupid woman ask all the other kids how they felt about school and if they'd like to be homeschooled instead? Of course not.

I was mad. love, V

carver family said...

We'd better keep talking about it - and what you are doing matters. This is not California yet...but then again, I feel a need to add "yet"...

Midwifery and homeschooling are two essential reasons we exist as a species.

Needless to say, this is far too much power in the hands of individuals (let alone in the hands of primarily one gender): these things must be made illegal. These people cannot be trusted.

God help us when we loose faith in our own kind.