March 9, 2009

It will get cold again. It could even snow. I've seen snow on daffodils around here plenty of times. But for the moment, spring is getting all over our faces and filling us up. There is too much to blog about. I wrote up a shopping list last week and remembered to include "decalf." Joe said, "Um, Darling, you have cows on the brain." Its true. I have cows and goats and farms and teats and fresh stainless steel pails of frothy warm milk and chicks to hatch on the dining room table and tractor driving and loads of manure for my yard and the sweetest freshest air blowing through, whipping my hair in my eyes, drying my shorts where the babiest little goat just peed on me, and moving moving moving the season along so neatly and perfect. We've planted two figs, three blue berries, three antique roses, two rosemary shrubs, and a crab apple tree. Our garden has been paced, turned, poled, and covered with a HUGE load of manure. If we wanted, our entire garden could be one raised bed a foot and half high, of straight composted cow. We'll fence it next weekend.

Today, the children each had a turn milking Dottie Goat.


Anonymous said...

It sounds perfect. love, V

Summer Fae said...

It sounds like you are having a wonderful time. I hope that winter is only stopping by for a short visit.