September 5, 2008

Thank You, Judith Warner, today

From The Mirrored Ceiling

“As for that ‘V.P.’ talk all the time … I tell ya, I still can’t answer that question until somebody answers for me, What is it exactly that the ‘VP’ does every day?” Palin asked host Lawrence Kudlow on CNBC sometime before her nomination. “I’m used to bein’ very productive and workin’ real hard in an administration and we want to make sure that that ‘V.P.’ slot would be a fruitful type of position.”

And, I think, they find her acceptably “real,” because Palin’s not intimidating, and makes it clear that she’s subordinate to a great man.

That’s the worst thing a woman can be in this world, isn’t it? Intimidating, which appears to be synonymous with competent. It’s the kiss of death, personally and politically.

But shouldn’t a woman who is prepared to be commander in chief be intimidating? Because of the intelligence, experience, talent and drive that got her there? If she isn’t, at least on some level, off-putting, if her presence inspires national commentary on breast-pumping and babysitting rather than health care reform and social security, then something is seriously wrong. If she doesn’t elicit at least some degree of awe, then something is missing.


Fourmother said...

Exactly! How in the world can a person who said "I don't know what a VP is supposed to do," only a couple months ago supposed to be ready to be ready for the job right now? She is setting women back 40 years. Her place is not in the White House.

Karin said...

I don't know ... maybe what's missing is that breast-pumping and babysitting aren't considered serious subjects for national debate. We need leaders who will recognize these as the life-altering issues they are for many women (not that Palin could ever be construed as one of those...)

Katherine said...

Excellent point, Karin. Thanks!

Heather said...

Interesting. Months back when Ms. Clinton was still in the picture, I recall an incident where she broke down in a little stress-induced crying. There were so many critical comments about her inability to handle the strain of presidency. All the work she'd done to prove herself a strong, capable person was gone with a few tears and shouts of, "See?! Women are too weak to handle the job!"

Now, when a woman is quiet and servile, it's just what we need for our country.