September 1, 2008

I'd like to show you a picture of the gorgeous red peppers that Henry grew this year. He potted them, placed them where our garden will go next year, and tended them with love. And they grew and grew and grew. And they produced darling little peppers. And the peppers grew and grew and grew. And he continued tending them with love. And they turned into heavy luscious deep red peppers. And yesterday I said, "Henry, come let me take your picture with your peppers."

There are not many things Henry dislikes as much as having his picture made. Maybe he could sense it coming? He foiled my evil photography. He said, "we can't because I've eaten them - all of them." Well, okay then. I tasted the first one plucked. It was as sweet as it was beautiful. Our garden site is not as sunny as I'd hoped. But Henry has proved for us, it is sunny enough. Good Work Henry!


rae said...

There is just something about boys and eating veggies straight out of the garden. I wonder sometimes if my now big boy even gets the dirt off first.

I'm glad Henry's first forray into gardening was so yummy!

MOM #1 said...

I love yummy homegrown peppers. Too bad about the pictures, but you obviously know how it is, LOL.

Annie said...

Red pepper is the best. Way to go Henry!