September 6, 2008

The gifts at the farm just keep rolling in. Too many to count. I can't even take my camera. I'd never get a thing done. There are so many pictures to take. Here, for the sake of brevity, I offer verbal snap shots:
Can Henry drive a tractor? Henry, jump up here and drive this thing. Oh, my eggs are fertile and I have an incubator you can use anytime. Baby goats this October? Mom, Raspberry can lick out the inside of her nose! Henry prefers goats. Ry prefers cows. That chicken has a nest up there. Mom, these kittens are nursing. Look, this egg is pink. I'll get the gate, Mom. Ry, run that egg up to the kitchen. Take my truck up to the feed store and get a load of shavings. Can you drive a diesel truck? Sure, we can ride May the Mule and she pulls a cart too. Moooooooooooooooooooooo. You have rabbits too?

It goes on and on. And you should see the kids shining. It's crazy sweet right now. Of course, I'm shoveling manure everyday too. This farm life is all very real.

But it sparkles even more than I thought it would.

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Annie said...

Is it becoming even more of a rewarding experience than you expected?