July 4, 2008

Oh yeah!

Two peas in a very happy pod!
Henry announced he wants to learn how to play electric guitar. This had something to do with some very cool older boys, to be sure. It is a little known fact that I play. And his Dad is actually a bit famous around here, for his playing. So, I think the kid comes to it naturally. And everyone is thrilled! Look it, an Epiphone copy of the legendary Gibson SG, best freaking rock guitar EVER! And, now we have one. YAY! Oh, this is so fun! So fun! SO FUN! Happy Rocking Forth, y'all.


Mommylion said...

Rockin' Fourth indeed. What a beautiful guitar! How fun :) One of my deep loves is when kids dig instruments and want to play for the joy of it. Both of your guys look very natural with the guitar!

MOM #1 said...

That's awesome! Baby Boy is so different from me in every way. It's always nice when we find the few and far between common interest.

Annie said...


Wait, is it uncool to say that now? Oh well.

Karin said...

Believe it or not, we also (somewhat spontaneously) got Isabel an electric guitar on July 4! How wierd is that? (Only hers is shaped like a butterfly...)

Katherine said...

Hey Karin, that's too cool! Next time we're all together we can jam.

: )