June 12, 2008

We are 200 miles inland from the coast. But look how smokey the air is from forest fires burning down east. Freaky. On our way to swim. Smoke or no, we had big fun.


MOM #1 said...

We live about 300 miles from the border, but every year we get lots of smoke and debris in the air from the farmers in Mexico slashing and burning their fields.

It's the pits!

That swimming sure looks like it's a lot of refreshing fun. There's no better way to spend a hot summer day.

Pass me a pina colada!

Katherine said...

Ok, its moved beyond freaky. Now its disturbing. We can't let the children out and my throat is burning like I spent the night in a smokey bar.

We're headed out. Maybe up to the mountains. We'll drive till we find fresh air and nice hotel. See ya tomorrow!