June 3, 2008

Taylor Mali on what teachers make

For equal time and in all fairness...


Maria said...

Would that EVERY SINGLE teacher in the country were this committed. Would that EVERY SINGLE child would benefit.
There are AWESOME public school teachers out there. THere are AWESOME districts out there allowing their teachers to be awesome. There are incredible states allowing their districts, allowing their teachers to be incredible.

Would that I could FIND those and live near them....every single one. Maybe a move to Taylors school??

I haven't had much time to reply to all posts, but you've had some great ones lately...LOVED the comment your friend gave your son. HOw incredibly validating!!!

And you know what? I keep the picture of Ry's (?) feet on my reader so I always see it when you post and I click on. LOVE IT.

RegularMom said...

Yes. and yes and yes and YES! I may link to this post later on today, if that's okay. Because it's so beautiful. Definitely beautiful. And because there truly ARE wonderful teachers out there doing a hard job. Every day. I just wish there were more of them.

I'd see this written out somewhere before, but it's even better to see it performed.

MOM #1 said...

This is so good. I hope I'm that kind of teacher to my Baby Boy. Whether he likes it or not.