March 7, 2008

Well gee. What's new? Anything changed lately? Everything? Hummmmm.

An old friend has suddenly decided to sell our old rental house, pictured below, to us. This is the place I first REALLY kissed my husband. We fell in love there. Our children were conceived, born, and nursed there. This place is so sentimental to me, that even now 6 years after we last lived there, I get choked up when I turn onto the road that runs by the house. As much as we love this property, the owner, our friend Scott loves it too. His wife begged him to sell it to us when we returned home from Texas a couple of years back. (Unbeknownst to me.) But he has always been completely and adamantly clear that he would never ever ever sell this fabulous property. NO ONE expected him to ever sell it.

Then he went kite surfing in Mexico last week, had a life changing epiphany based partly on an old Sam Cooke song, and set his mind to sell if we would buy. God Love Him.

And so now, we are not going to Canada. We are not visiting Vermont, New Mexico, or Florida this summer. We are selling our house. And we are moving into our dear, quirky, leaky, beloved little handmade house.

Did I say little? Oh, its six hundred and forty two square feet of little. Wow. Our life is about to change and we are THRILLED. I'll go find some more pictures of the place. It sits on 10 acres of border-protected land, most in hardwood. Its next door to a 90 acre organic goat farm. It shares a communal swimming pond with neighbors.

But best of all, we get to live next to our friends. We get to live where we fell in love. We get to raise the children in that safe, natural, open place.

I am actually speechless. I can hardly move. I'm sitting on my bed in shock. Just sitting here. I'll go find more pictures of the place to share. And then I'll sit here some more. Maybe I could start moving furniture? Not quite yet. I'll just sit here and try to be calm.


RegularMom said...

I'm so happy for you!

Maria said...

In stinking credible.
Mind boggling. I'm thinking so many things right now. I'm thinking how completely lucky you are. I'm thinking about all the homes I've loved, that hold so many memories, and I can NOT go back. So I have tears in my eyes at your fortune! I admire that you love this place so deeply you are happy to seemingly drop everything and pursue this new course in life. What a gift for your children. And for yourselves.
Congratulations, K!!

P.S. May I have your old house?

rae said...

How amazing! What an incredible, quirky, wonderfully strange turn of events.

Yea for you!!!