March 16, 2008

Red Molly is blogging about confessions. I have a confession. I have a creepy stalkery crush on Red Molly. I love her, I think. She is smart. She picks the funniest videos EVER for her blog. She strikes the right balance, somehow. Is she a homeschooler? How the freak should I know? Who IS she then? I don't know. Why should I care? I don't know, but hey, love is like that. It strikes you down and you lay there helplessly rebooting for updates.

Do I exaggerate? Moi? NEVER! But one thing is for SURE. I need to lighten up. And Red Molly makes me laugh. Please go watch the Star Wars/Lego video she has up. Please! I had to wipe tears out of my eyes, I laughed so hard. Yes, I LOLed. For REAL. Oh, thank you, Red Molly!


Doc said...

God, me too. The crush I mean. She lives near me. I have considered asking if she wants to meet for coffee, but I'm intimidated. I'm relegated to glancing furtively around Powells every time I'm there, hoping for a glimpse.

Maria said...

man, I thought it was ME you had a creepy stalker thing with?? I so wanted someone to stalk a good way. Oh, well. Maybe another time. I DO love Molly. I haven't subscribed, but I should, no?

redmolly said...

Um, er. Blush.

Doc, I'd meet up with you for coffee any time... seriously, pick a date, pick a place. Being in the actual presence of the actual Doc... wow. I'm overwhelmed. And terrified of being underwhelming.

Thank you for the incredibly kind and flattering comment, Katherine! Again I blush, and genuflect in your general direction.

Doc said...

Oh hey, if I did THAT, then I couldn't be a creepy stalker!