March 4, 2008

An excited shout drifts upstairs, "Hey Mom, you wanna feel a bowl full of heaven?" Who doesn't?
While the kids were out harvesting pussy willow catkins (which are indeed a bowl full of heaven,) I was inside spinning the Leicester Long wool. Oooo, a new obsession is rising with the spring sap.


Maria said...

"catkins" I have never heard them called that. And I like it! What a precious little giftie! The part about the sap rising. How can you utter such words when snow is falling in the state of maine??

Ah, well, enjoy the sappiness ;)

Poppins said...

Oooh, we don't have pussy willows around here. It makes me so sad!

Cherish them for me, ok? We just got 3 cm of snow and it's -20. It's going to be at least a day before spring comes to visit. ;)