March 31, 2008

Down to the wire day. Update: I think I have a buyer for my house. Pretty cool huh?

But not so fast. At the end of last week I was struck with an inspiration. I toted my children and my appraisal, on the new property, down to the Credit Union. I asked them to put the whole deal through underwriting to make CERTAIN FOR SURE we could get the mortgage we need.

Smart thinking. The children got an unschooling lesson in how to talk to a banker, what goes on behind those closed doors, and serious vocabulary such as: fico, underwriting, interest, percentage points, fixed-rate, ARM, superb credit, and most importantly the full adult scope and meaning of the word MAYBE. As in, "We can not loan that much for that property. Its too weird, that property. We could MAYBE loan you 90% but MAYBE we can only loan you 80%. We will let you know what we decide on Monday."

Ok, so its Monday. And I feel calm. And I think the children do too. Maybe we get to stay in our cute little house that we've just now finished decorating and begin raising chicks and planning the orchard. Or maybe we get to move down the road. There are real drawbacks and benefits both directions. So we wait to hear what will happen and we feel lucky knowing we will be content either way. Not often in life do you face such a momentous choice and face it knowing both options point to good things. We've done our work, held up our end of the bargain, looked at our options, considered, flexed, thought hard. Now we wait. For the first time in my life, waiting is easy. We are calm with Maybe.

Hey Hillary, what does that button on your refrigerator say?

Oh yes. Just so. Thank you sister. "To have more, desire less."


Anonymous said...

To have more, desire less.

Maria said...

Oh, I love that: To have more, desire less. I must get that into my thick skull.
Well, it's monday and I"ll wait with you. How pleasant to be okay with both sides of the coin. That is a gift. Content either way. I'll be thinking of you! Please don't keep us in suspense for too long!